Vancouver: Alex Waber

“A passion of mine is bike touring. Our kits are ultra light, the smallest tents, the thinest mats. This fortunately leaves space for my camera to come along.

I love documenting the adventures in the world around me, especially when the weather goes a bit off. This drive for getting the shot on location has lead teams with full lighting rigs up the sides of snowy mountains in Whistler and deep in to forests after the rain. But I’m still a city kid with a love of style. I’ve worked with numerous hair salons, yoga studios and clothing designers to show off what they can do for you in every day life.

I have a background in cinema which gave me a keen eye for story telling, and a love of fashion photography which has kept my aesthetics sharp and contemporary. My ideal photo is true to life, but elevated through photography to make it just a little bit more than real.”

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