Gianna Keiko is a lifestyle and brand narrative photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia, and across the West in her mobile van office. Her background in graphic design, marketing and studio art continue to supplement her photographic endeavours. Gianna shoots for an image's end goal, and she constantly studies UX/UI best practices and immersive marketing in order to create omnichannel experiences through photography.

Her passion for the outdoors, exploration and health combined with an adventurous spirit, lends truly one of a kind imagery. Gianna's extensive international travel and mobile domestic lifestyle enable her to easily access a wide variety of locations- beach, mountain summit, urban jungle.

With a decade of experience in the photo industry, Gianna spent five years in NYC working in editorial, advertising and fashion photography, honing her technical editing, studio and location lighting techniques. In NYC, Gianna worked on projects for Vogue Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Kenneth Cole and Louis Vuitton.

Following NYC, Gianna executed lifestyle and advertising campaigns for REI, Nike, Airbnb, Ray-Ban, YMCA, Marmot, Stio, Home Depot and for top startups in the co-housing and van life sectors.