"One of the pleasures of photography is getting the chance to see new spaces and watch things happen before your eyes. Recently Alex had two backstage passes to amazing places. The first is the Arcteryx Vancouver factory to document the ReGear production space. The campaign was to help launch the new used gear portion of their website, following a used and damaged jacket through analysis, dissection, repair and recreation as a new an unique piece. The brief was to bring a crisp and modern aesthetic, but without taking over the very busy factory lines.

The second project presented is all about local painter Shevy Levy. Over a few months, Alex has been documenting the making of her new collection of abstract oil paintings, visiting her studio, shooting the works in progress and capturing the paintings in other spaces in preparation for a show.

In both instances lighting was unreliable, the factory was filled with old fluorescents, small tungstens, and various LEDs, and the studio was a small dimly lit space with only one window on the far side. Mixing strobes and on camera flashes, Alex worked to bring a consistent aesthetic across the projects that aligned with the creative direction from both clients."