Kathy Cacicedo is an East Coast advertising photographer and director.

Recent work for Manda Sun Paste found Kathy where she is the happiest, in the ocean with her underwater housing, shooting lifestyle and product on location that tells a story.  When you work with Kathy you can be sure she will always deliver an image library with plenty of choices, and if you are lucky, sand in your shoes.

Kathy is just as comfortable as a director. Click on the video gallery to see a spec ad she shot for Pukka Tea to show potential clients that through every thoughtful frame of beautiful light she is at heart a story teller.

Client list includes: Merck, Bayer, Pet Plate, Hound2O, Claritin, Dr. Scholls, Coppertone, Manda, Donate Life, Happy Family Organics, Atlantic Health System.