Nick Hall

Seattle - London

Residing on an island near Seattle alongside his four children, Nick Hall, a British native, has seamlessly embraced his new life. With an unwavering passion for captivating landscapes, a dedication to collaborating with exceptional creatives, and a genuine love for forging connections with his subjects, Nick's talents as a photographer have earned him global recognition and a plethora of prestigious awards.

Despite his initial background as a wildlife scientist, Nick seamlessly merges his profound admiration for the natural world with the distinct requirements of luxury brands, Fortune 500 companies, and his longstanding clientele. Whether photographing solitary hunter-gatherers in the heart of Tanzania (where he resided and hunted with them for a remarkable 10 days) or capturing the essence of global advertising campaigns, Nick exhibits unparalleled versatility.

Esteemed within the industry for his gentle and immersive approach, Nick exudes an inclusive and thoughtful energy on set, allowing him to create profoundly emotional and captivating imagery that celebrates our intertwined relationships with one another and the remarkable wonders of the natural realm.