: London: Chris Martin

Chris Martin and the team at Real World Photography have a client list that includes Chevron, The Body Shop, Exxon Mobil, Ashanti, Aegon, Unilever and GlaxoSmithKline.

Chris works worldwide in a reportage style to create portraits and widescreen visuals which have a natural, spontaneous energy for advertising, corporate social responsibility and ethical fair trade business projects. His "visual DNA" has developed over a period of 15 years working in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The combination of an approach which utilises local models and street casting, plus finely tuned logistical planning and location finding on every contract, resonates strongly with his clients.

Featured in this Spotlight are recent personal projects including 'Rainforest Fashion' with Imani models in Kenya and 'Black Surfers' from Costa Rica.

Chris has a knowledge of environment, sustainability and community issues which at a time of rapid climate change and global economic uncertainty are relevant to businesses looking beyond the developed world for new answers and inspiration.

Click here to view Chris' project 'The Architecture of Ubuntu', his ongoing work that looks at the development of informal communities across Africa.

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