London: Kate Abbey Photography

"I once met a Dad who watched his young daughter play football every Saturday come rain or shine. He was a busy man who had a million and one more things to do, but loyally he stood and watched his daughter dashing around after the ball. As the weekends went by, she eventually scored a goal and as she spun round searching for her Dad, their eyes met, and that split second of pure and utter joy sparked between them.

On a shoot, unfortunately I don’t have the privilege of waiting for ‘life' to happen - I have to create it. I have to capture those fleeting moments on demand - every single time - with compassion, zest and warmth, all aided by my incredibly talented crew, who make me laugh.

I’m London-based, with 20 years' experience, represented by Morgan Lockyer and work with the likes of Google, Nokia, Puma and Skype."

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