Petros has devoted his life to capturing those moments we sometimes miss. Approaching stills in the same way he likes to work with motion. As a director and photographer he excels at shooting automotive, landscapes, people and lifestyle. Petros is patient, understanding and unpredictable; a young and explosive, creative talent to work with.

“As a child, I was very observant, developing a keen interest in peoples faces and emotions early on. As a photographer and director, I’m so lucky to be able to call this amazing creative life, where I go to so many cool places and meet so many fantastic people, my job”. PK.

Over the last ten years Petros has worked with some great creative talents on campaigns for Audi, Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Hyundai, Renault, Fiat, Tourism New Zealand, Tourism NSW, Four Seasons Hotels, SBS World Movies, Greenpeace.