Dominik Mentzos enjoys switching between different fields of photography: “I enjoy the challenge of having to adjust to the various locations my job provides me with.“

Having studied architecture, creating a sense of space and depth is an important part of his photography. Whether he is working with available or artificial light, Dominik enjoys developing the set to create a true stage for his performers.

Dominik continues to regularly work with dancers, as seen in the two images featurd in this Spotlight for the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company. Also featured in this Spotlight are visuals from recent image campaigns for Deutsche Bank, Mercedes-Benz Rental, Enercity and Lufthansa, a long-term client for over 14 years.

Other recent clients include Condor, Emirates, Hoya, Hugo Boss, The Forsythe Company, ABB / Busch-Jaeger, Nespresso, Deutsche Bahn, ARD, Telekom, Sony, Nintendo, Leptien/Pesch, Commerzbank, MasterCard, PWC and SchumacherFashion.

Dominik is based out of his own studio in Frankfurt and is represented by Severin Wendeler in Hamburg.