"When I was young, my sister taught me how to use her SLR camera, and I was instantly hooked. I loved the light meter moving as I changed aperture or shutter-speed. I loved the feel of cranking film through the camera and the sound of the shutter opening and closing.

Now I make lifestyle work, portraits, and all kinds of other pictures and moving pictures for clients all over the world. Every picture is a chance for the subject, audience, client, and myself to relate. That is my favourite part of doing this work.

When I am not making pictures, I am hanging out with my brilliant wife. We play cribbage, talk about the world, go for walks, make great food, work on our garden, and play with our two crazy cats. I also love running and biking and I still skate.

Thanks for making the time to look at my work. I enjoy any chance I get to talk to folks about this incredible work that we make. I am really lucky to have worked with such great collaborators, and I would love to work with you!

Clients Include Target, Belize Tourism, Politico, VSA, mono, Outside Magazine, Arnold Worldwide, US Bank, United Health Care, Colle + McVoy, BMO, Harris, Century Link, OLSON, Carmichael, Lynch, Sappi Fine Paper, Schells Brewing, Metropolis Magazine and Major League Baseball."