Rocket Studio is launching into 2017 with some serious momentum. Over the past twelve months, it has partnered with some of the industry’s leading creatives for some amazing results. A recent campaign for the iPad app Texture involved blowing up a fireworks truck, by combining Hunter Freeman’s extraordinary photography and Rocket’s creative retouching skills.

Working with the talented people at Burdette Ketchum, Rocket took on full production responsibilities for IN Sleep Health’s Cloud 9 snoring solutions, including photography, CGI and creative retouching, to create two completely different sleeping environments—one in a chaotic battlefield, and the other up in the tranquil clouds.

Other recent work includes creating a T-rex for the LA Zoo, Acura’s precision concept, giant CGI musical instruments for East West Virtual Instrument’s Composer Cloud, and a CGI Dragonfly.

Rocket Studio is an award-winning creative production company best known for photo-real CGI and creative retouching for print and motion.