Munich: MK Retouching

Do you ever want to know how it is to work with someone new? To see how surprisingly easy it could be?

It's about testing - like in love - which post production partner is the perfect match. It's also about trust and the feeling that the project is in good hands. 

MK Retouching is an international working retouching studio based in Munich, Germany. Retouching is their passion that drives them, and never loses its appeal. They work with eagle eyes mainly in accessories/ hair/ beauty campaigns, or still life editorials. However, they do not shy away from challenges such as moving images and technologies such as AR.

The core of their work is the combination of their clients' wishes and many years of experience and technical know-how. The results are perfectly tailored. Almost no need for revisions, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback have proved this. 

Some of their recent clients include ParfumDreams, Douglas, Markwins Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics, Elle, and Instyle.

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