: Stuttgart: recomCGI

Established for 20 years, RECOM is a high-end artwork and postproduction studio. Its 25 staff members are based in Stuttgart as well as around the world for immediate on location work. International clients, photographers and magazines constantly use this core business to create new image concepts and innovative artwork.

In 2006, RECOM was amongst the first companies to begin working with CGI for major marketing and print campaigns, and under Thorsten Jasper Weese (manager and CGI director) the department has grown and achieved widespread success, becoming one of the top addresses in the business.

With a combination of know-how, unique CGI direction and the symbiosis of its artists' work, recomCGI has attracted top automotive clients including Mercedes-Benz, AMG, Porsche, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Hyundai. The company has also worked with internationally distinguished photographers including Marc Trautmann, Pascal Malamas, Michael Schnabel, Christian Schmidt, Steffen Schraegle, Rainer Stratmann, Blinkk, and many more.

In addition to automotive work, recomCGI recently generated 3D images for a variety of indoor architectural projects and international furniture, food and beverage clients.

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