: Hamburg: ViewMasterCGI

"The brief was clear: The car must drive very fast on an alpine road. Water from melted snow must spray from the wheels to highlight speed.

The problem was also clear: With a normal rig shot it's impossible to drive so fast that you can see the water effect. A very fast car-to-car shoot was not an option, as the road wasn't wide enough.

The solution: The photographer decided to do it in CGI."

ViewMasterCGI specialists did the complete car rendering and water effects in CG technology. Digital Imaging Director Michael Schott and his team set-up their own workflow based on several 3D software products, achieving photorealistic images that respect traditional photographic quality standards.

ViewMasterCGI combines the expertise of more than a decade of experience in car advertising, postproduction and CG technology. As a full-service CGI provider, ViewMasterCGI handles the complete image generation process - from mobile visualisation on location to final ready-for-print or Web file delivery.

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