: Chicago: Alter

Located in Chicago's West Loop, Alter resides in a converted screw factory - roughly 17,000 square feet from the rooftop deck to the 5,000 square foot prop room in the basement. A large part of the open floorplan is devoted to four photo bays, one for each of the company's shooters. The company says it best:

"From the moment you walk in the front door it will be apparent that you are at a different kind of studio, and we're not just talking about the design. "At Alter you will find confidence and expertise without ego or attitude. We are artists - photographers, photo retouchers, digital imagers, print CGI artists - but we're here for you, to realise your vision on the printed page. The difference is palpable.

"Also, we're here for each other - which is an amazing advantage for you as well, as each one of us practices his or her individual artistic expertise while rubbing elbows across disciplines, learning from and influencing the development of our fellow artists. At Alter, your flexibility is unparalleled as you're able to call digital imagers and print CGI artists to your set to consult with you and your photographer at any time".

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