Shoot Studio is one of the largest photo and video production houses in Quebec. Whatever clients have in mind, the team will transform it into images.

Each photographer has a characteristic style, a specific know-how, an established reputation, and talent that has been recognized at home and abroad. What they all have in common is abundant creativity and an eagerness to share their knowledge, never hesitating to pool their skills to benefit the most highly demanding photo and video assignments.

No matter how complex the project may be, in the field or in studio, Shoot Studio can take care of everything. From budget planning to production to delivery of the finished images, no detail is overlooked.

"Whether it’s finding the perfect face to embody your brand, coordinating a dozen busy schedules, digging up or even building the perfect backdrop, assigning stylists to locate clothing, objects, or props that will make all the difference… we'll find a way to do it!"