LS Productions

Edinburgh - Manchester - London

LS Productions is the UK’s best connected service production company - with their creative vision, the team go beyond service.

The LS Production and Location teams work collaboratively throughout the UK to produce shoots and source locations for TV commercials, music videos, online content, fashion campaigns and editorials.

With a unique and specialised knowledge of Scotland and the North of England, the company's people-powered service production covers all aspects of a shoot: budgeting, location sourcing and management; securing the best cast and crew of anything from 10-100s; booking all kit from a Russian Arm to the latest camera equipment; and behind-the-scenes filming on both stills and motion shoots.

Equipped to handle any last minute requests thrown at them, effortlessly and on budget, the team make clients' visions happen.

Recent clients include Anomaly, Anonymous Content, Czar, Ford, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, H&M, Johnnie Walker, Samsung, Strange Cargo, Stella McCartney, Stink Paris, Somesuch, British Vogue and Volvo.