The Americas: Red Creek Productions

Finding the perfect local partner for a shoot is all about local know-how, and that is where Red Creek Productions comes in. A producers’ company with legs on the ground in a dozen countries, Red Creek has mastered the art of consistency, delivering top-tier production services on locations as different as the Iguazú Falls (Argentina/Brazil) and the Atacama Desert (Chile), Cartagena (Colombia) or Punta del Este (Uruguay).

Red Creek's unique ability to aggregate information from the many locations it covers becomes clear when, for example, looking for specific crops at specific times of the year. If your shoot requires berries in January, or oranges in September, you may want to consider giving these guys a call. Likewise, if you need to understand the difference between beaches in Costa Rica vs Chile vs Uruguay. Or the law in Brazil and Argentina.

Over its 20-year history, Red Creek has evolved a particular mix of global savvy and local wisdom that can only be forged in hundreds of jobs with the best professionals in the most varied conditions, from jungles to sets, real volcanoes to fake rainy streets. Got a question regarding production in Latin America? The producers at Red Creek have the answers - or know someone who does.

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