Cuba - Colombia - Argentina: 7 Seas Productions

Who to call for campaign and editorial productions in Cuba, Colombia and Argentina? 7 Seas Productions, that’s who! Three distinct countries, all linked by a special kind of magic - just ask 7 Seas, who have been taking clients to these parts for over 20 years.

Cuba’s narrative is nowhere more clearly written than on its architecture. The bold coloured houses reflecting the warm locals, the peeling paint revealing a complex past and the restoration of the city’s most precious buildings a sign of a bright future.

Colombia is home to some of the best beaches in Latin America, hands down. Cartagena specifically is having a second coming, catering for the new bourgeois, which is evident in the boutique hotels and private casas in the city centre - all perfect locations for fashion shoots.

Argentina is as diverse as it is captivating. Buenos Aires is made up of many neighborhoods that feel distinctly unique yet also very European.

"Forget the paperwork and leave all of that to 7 Seas. All you need to worry about is choosing where to go!"

What do Hermès, GQ, Zimmermann, Warehouse and NET-a-PORTER all have in common? 7 Seas took them somewhere they had never been.

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