Bangkok: 10 Years Later

After many years of operating in Thailand as a leading photo production, 10 Years Later is  proud to offer clients (as of January 2019) a full production service for film as well as print.

2018/2019: 10 Years Later creates a unique artist agency in Thailand: Noow Management. "We provide and support well-established and young Thai talents in style and beauty for film and print, from editorial to advertising work.

We aim to remove the stress and anxiety of shooting abroad by working with highly experienced producers who speak English, and working at international standards, making the production process as clear and simple as possible whilst also trying to make it an enjoyable experience - and of course within constant control of your budget!

Our unique stance and work ethic has led us to work with many leading and creative brand names and agencies, such as Artistry, Anthropologie, Neiman Marcus, Puma and YSL among others in the pipeline this year."

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