"Monky Productions is a full service film and photo production company based in Oslo. We deliver our service all over the Nordic countries and frequently take productions up north into the Arctic.

The last years we have been increasingly doing a lot of hybrid shoots, where a photo production also becomes a full blown film production.

We recently brought Spring Studios and photographer Anders Overgaard, into the beautiful arctic winter scenery of the Lofoten islands in north Norway, to create the Breitling Explorers campaign. We had a great but intense day of shooting where we set up seven units, working parallel, to create these stunning winter scenes.

There is also a short but beautiful summer up north. The city of Tromsø and its fantastic surroundings makes it a go to place for anyone who wishes to shoot in the north.

This is where we brought photographer Renate Torseth and director Emilie Norenberg. We helped them create the AW campaign for the women’s clothing brand Kari Traa

Get in touch if you wish to join us explore the north and all its amazing possibilities."