Etna Productions

Sicily - Apulia - Liguria

"Adhering to strict Covid-19 protocols, Etna Productions facilitates film and photo productions in Italy – even in these unusual times. 

When travel restrictions, social distancing, and hygiene precautions reshape our industry, Etna Productions can handle different aspects of each production; from financing and co-production advice, cost containment, budgeting, and scheduling, and providing expertise in selecting appropriate locations.

To satisfy the client’s new needs, from 2021, we offer remote shooting services with the latest up-to-date technology and super-fast internet connection—no need to leave your office to work on your next project. 

Besides Sicily, we focus on production locations throughout Liguria, including the Italian Riviera, alongside Puglia, and other iconic locations in Italy.

We are ready to handle any requirements for shooting in Italy, particularly in Sicily, Puglia, and Liguria.  

To find out more about working with us, please contact us here or call Peppe at +39 347 354 9960."