NM Productions

Los Angeles - New York - London - Dubai

NM Productions is a global full service media production company with teams in London, LA, New York, and Dubai.

With extensive experience producing both still and moving image productions ranging in budget, size and scope. NM Productions can manage all areas of your project from location scouting, to casting, down to post production and delivery.

"As a production company we have had to adapt our way of working throughout the current pandemic, but we have not stopped producing despite the challenges we all face. Through our efforts to adapt and developing safe working practices, we have managed to continue working across the globe. Specific travel planning, remote viewing options, and what seems like an eternal supply of testing kits, we have thrived in the face of adversity to keep producing qualitative and safe productions that we at NM are proud of.

Some of our recent projects include working with clients such as Samsung, Take 5 Selzer, Simple, Comic Relief, Disney, Hugo Boss and WPP, to name but a few. We are also very proud to be working alongside Brett Danton and WPP on new innovative technological production approaches in order to reduce our carbon footprint by adapting the way that we work."