ALL IN Production founded and based in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland. Since many years they have built their reputation as a female driven company.

Eco-friendly on set supplies and a full awareness concept to establish secure and happy workspaces have been a passion and a must for them.

"These past six months were filled with new adventurous concepts and creative productions for a variety of different artists and clientele. Working together with talented photographers such as Sandro Baebler, Petrovsky&Ramone, Anders Hallberg, Jonathan Heyer and many more."

They are proud and excited to show you some of their latest produced campaigns. Clients such as CALIDA, Four Seasons Magazine and Samsung, to name a few from ALL IN Production 2023 projects.

Looking for unique locations or creating original concepts for film + photo, ALL IN Production is always bringing in whatever or whoever is needed.

"We can do it ALL."