"We are a production company and location scouting agency located in Stuttgart and Lisbon with more than 20 years of experience.

Check out some of our latest projects:

  • BOSCH eBike Systems - Performance Line SX. Project: photo and film, produced in March and April, with testimonials of free climbing and parkour in the area of Lisbon and Sintra. Production by Oddity Waves (WONGDOODY). Service Production/location: Hamilton R. Pereira. Director & DOP: Toni Tillmann; photographer, Julian Mittelstädt.
  • Cowboy Bikes - Spring campaign 2023. Project: photos, produced in March, for the new spring colours on the slopes and streets of Lisbon. Production/location: Hamilton R. Pereira. Photographer: Paul Calver @ Making Pictures and CD: Cort Cunningham @Cowboy Bikes.
  • ENBW recruiting campaign 'Jobwende'. Project: photo and film for the employer brand campaign. With employees, set in action on several spots around Stuttgart and the Lake of Constance, South Germany. Production/location: Hamilton R. Pereira. Photographer/D.O.P.: Rasmus Kaessmann @NEUBAUERSCHWARZ. Agency: BUTTER.People.

Looking forward to your upcoming projects, be it just locations or a full production - let’s get in contact! For our latest updates check our website and follow us on Instagram."