Headquartered in Frankfurt, Hauser Fotografen represents national and international advertising photographers who cover people, lifestyle, stills, liquids, transportation, landscape, travel, architecture, fashion, beauty, catalogue, babies, kids, sports, portraiture, corporate and celebrities.

The full service agency was established by Veronika Hauser in Frankfurt in 2008. Hauser Fotografen has since become a brand that stands for professionalism, high quality photographers and competent service.

Photographers include:

  • Thomas Balzer (Frankfurt) - stills, people, landscape and transportation,
  • Martin Bühler (Hamburg/Hannover) – people and lifestyle,
  • Rui Camilo (Wiesbaden) - people, architecture, travel and landscape,
  • Daniel Chassein (Hamburg) – people and lifestyle,
  • Karsten Handke (Dusseldorf) - stills,
  • Claudia Neu (Dusseldorf) - babies and kids,
  • Sven Heinrich (Hamburg) – people and lifestyle,
  • Benno Kraehahn (Berlin) - celebrities and corporate,
  • Leif Schmodde (Hamburg) - people, fashion, beauty, travel, and landscape,
  • Tobias Schult (Berlin) – people, lifestyle, and transportation,
  • Judith Wagner (Dusseldorf) - portrait and people,
  • Jean-Claude Winkler (Stuttgart) - travel, landscape, transportation and people.