The team at Horton-Stephens are well-known for representing a world-class group of photographers, but moving image has become a bigger and bigger part of what they do. No doubt this trend will continue following their most recent award, a Gold DMA for best use of moving image and two further Silvers for PayPal.

Great production remains key to the success of their shoots and this is truer than ever with their film work where they offer everything from online/offline editing to sound studio, motion control to CG - whatever it takes. They like to solve problems, not create them!

All the individual photographers have been shooting new things so this Spotlight only shows a small part. There’s much more from the team online and visiting the ‘Latest News' section is always a good call. See their 'Platform' section for new talent; and there’s a choice of two CGI companies. Moving image is over at their sister agency