Avatalent is a company recognised for representing a prestigious group of artists internationally and at the same time, offering extensive talent diversity to successfully accomplish any type of audiovisual project. 

The company serves as a guide and support for artists throughout their career helping them to develop their creative skills, in order to extend their clients' portfolios while producing career-defining masterpieces. They connect the client with talent that many have praised to be a "perfect fit" for each of their project's needs, helping the client to create work that is successful on a global-scale. 

They pride themselves on their extensive knowledge in the industry, thoroughly investigating extraordinary narratives of expression, as well as excellent photographic and video-graphic vision. 

Among the photographers represented are Adolfo Rancano, Cera Hensley, Chris Lawrence, Dean Freeman, Diego Lafuente, Erik Almas, Eugenio Recuenco, Francesco Majo, Jaime de Diego, Mario Sierra, Pedro Aguilar, Pep Ávila, Rus Anson, Shamil Tanna, Thierry Delsart and Victor Sájara.