Munich: Lila Management

Lila Management is a full service photographers' and production agency offering a high-class selection of talents working across fashion, beauty, lifestyle, people, portrait, still life, interior and food photography.

Lila Management has built a solid understanding of both client and agency perspectives by effectively supervising bookings, art buying and assembling production teams. Managing every aspect of a production, including scheduling and budgeting, casting and organisation, the agency balances the visions and expectations of both photographers and clients throughout the entire creative process.

Photographers: Christoph Loeb (Hamburg) fashion, catalogue; Cyril Lagel (Paris) beauty, hair; Dinah Hayt (Paris) fashion, beauty, advertising; Felix Krueger (Hamburg) fashion, advertising, people; Frank Stoeckel (Hamburg) still life, food, interior; Margaretha Olschewski (Hamburg) fashion, beauty, celebrity, portrait; Olof Händen (Sweden) fashion, advertising; Peter Schreiber (Munich) fashion, people, portraiture; Sacha Höchstetter (Munich) fashion, advertising; Seb Winter (London) beauty, hair, lingerie, fashion; Stefan Noll (Munich/Barcelona) fashion, lingerie; Thomas Kilper (Munich) fashion, catalogue, advertising.

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