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A photographers’ agents that offers a crack team of ultra-helpful assistants with an in-depth knowledge of photography, the photographers they represent and all aspects of production. They represent a full spectrum of photographers, and are affiliated with a partner agent M-Represents in New York.
2005 has seen the launch of Um, a talented pot of cgi artistry whose roots are in photography and modelmaking, and whose work has been decorated by more awards this year than any other such outfit. The Virgin Airlines “Cuban Cigar” is just one example. Richard Ansett has just returned from Bavarian Beer Festivals with a block of new work to see. Lederhosen never looked so kinky.  Julian Wolkenstein is so exciting to work with that he struggled to get his models to yawn for his latest personal project, Yawn (available online).  The excellent Alan Mahon continues to defy categorisation. You can still see his classics: the gruesome “wounds” series, the award-winning Gun Crime campaign and his AOP winning personal series, alongside his more recent work like Playstation and Tekken for TBWA (shown left). Lovely Karin Berndl is showing one of her recent collaborations with an illustrator, the series is on her online gallery.
Eugenio Franchi, hailing not from the valleys of Chiantishire, but somewhere nearer Cardiff, has added some more of his beautiful, carefully considered photographs to the site. “Skull” illustrates his style where everything is reduced to a minimum in order to communicate in the most powerful possible way. Fernando Milani is based in New York. We are proud to represent his fabulous beauty work via our New York affiliate agent.
Ever charming Graham Tooby has worked hard to fill his new folio with classic still life photos shot on location in his local toilet, no expense spared! Matthew Murray’s sense of the bizarre shines through his new online selection. They depict religious theme-parks, waxworks, stuffed animals and transsexuals… though not all at the same time. Jason Knott has proved to be the most prolific of shooters these last six months adding to his constantly evolving folio.
And lastly, Gary Salter has been photographing male… ahem... dirigibles for his latest ad commission for Lambrini Wines. Folios can be ordered online.
Pictured left is his Cannes Gold Award Winner for Child Road Safety. Mervyn Franklyn has been globetrotting constantly and only recently popped with loads of new work, which can be viewed online.

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