Nick Hagen is a Detroit-based documentary and portrait photographer who emphasizes truth and honesty over style. He is all about visually showcasing the world in the most objective and truthful way possible, while retaining a tinge of optimism and humour.

Working primarily on location, Nick has had many opportunities to showcase interesting people and stories, like the passionate video game community of Lagos, Nigeria, an ex-NFL lineman who is now in the business of making peanut brittle, the beauty of suburban banality in Metro Detroit, and a man whose arm was lost in a hippopotamus attack near Victoria Falls, among many others.

Nick’s ultimate goal is to make people feel seen and heard by synthesizing their stories into honest photography.

Nick's work has been commissioned by AAA Living Magzine Bloomberg, The Financial Times, The London Telegraph, Google, Paper Magazine, The Washington Post, and Vox Media. See more work and get in touch at his website.