Gianluigi Di Napoli is an experienced photographer-author who covered many aspects of photography before moving into portraiture of international talents for high-profile magazines.

He has published two photo books for international publishers, 'Circus Life - Everynight, all around the world' (Ed. Stemmle, Zurich - New York) and 'A Poet in action' (Ed. Damiani, Bologna - New York) and has conceived and produced exhibition projects such as 'Nel Cuore di Saltimbanco', Cirque du Soleil's institutional and touring exhibition, or the 'MASKS' project, which produced more than 40 million contacts involving various international female icons, and was presented in prestigious venues such as the MIA Art Fair as a special project, at the Triennale Museum in Milan, at the Archiginnasio in Bologna and at the Triennale Expo Gate.

In his career, Gianluigi Di Napoli has earned the reputation of being a kind of “Mr Wolf of editorial photography” capable of solving any problem, organising his sets in such a way that there is always the greatest possible harmony between all team members. This makes any kind of improvisation and variation to the schedule possible, always ensuring surprising and authentic results, often exceeding the client's expectations.

His experience on important sets does not prevent him from giving his all even when conditions are difficult, there is no real set and everything has to be invented from scratch. He is also able to get in touch with young and emerging talents with very little experience of photographic sets thanks to the skills of empathy that he has always wanted to recognise and cultivate in himself.

His clients include Ferrari International Magazine, Vanity Fair, ICON Magazine, Vogue Gioiello, Cirque du Soleil, Corneliani, Sony Music, Universal Music, SpaghettiMag.