Brano Gilan is a Slovak photographer and director living in Paris. He studied at the Gobelins - Ecole de l'Image school. At the end of his training in 2004, he joined the Granon laboratory, where he later became one of the six shareholders.

For eight years, he was in charge of retouching and accompanied fashion photographers on shoots and in the laboratory. There he met the English photographer Steve Hiett, whom he assisted for more than ten years.

This was a seminal encounter that would influence his own practice and the aesthetics of his imagery. At the same time, he turned to video and made films about fashion and crafts. 
In 2013, Brano became an independent director, specialising in the making of art films.

He works for Hermès, assiduously, and creates films highlighting the know-how of the brands' craftsmen. He films fashion shows and backstage at Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton.

Passionate about the art of gesture, Brano began filming dance and performance art in 2016 - yet his favourite subject is portrait photography.