"The beauty of photography is that it can celebrate what is in front of the camera. For a brief moment the sitter and their ideas, hopes and dreams get idolised in a sliver of time. So taking a portrait is more than saying ''Turn a little more to the left". It begins with a relationship, a conversation between the photographer and the subject. We need to get to know each other, become friends, even if just for that short period of time while we are together. The photographer has to be curious about the person and about the world, digging in to perspectives and bringing up stories, or having the subject demonstrate a process or lead a tour of a place. Once that relationship is formed, we are comfortable and we are honest with each other, I can finally add "Chin up a smidge, and turn a little more to the left"."

Alex Waber is a portrait and commercial photographer based out of Vancouver, Canada. His work has been published in Vogue, Wired, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Montecristo and Forbes, to name a few. His clients include Section 35, Arc’teryx, Kit and Ace and Tilley Endurables.

Portraits are what got Waber started in photography over 15 years ago, and are still one of his favourite projects to dive in to, as its always an opportunity to learn new things about the subjects and the world they inhabit.