Established in 1972, and with home bases in Munich and Berlin, FGV Rental provides services including camera systems (digital, film, and photo), lighting (daylight, tungsten, LED, tube, photo), grip (from cranes to dollies, tripods, stands and more), and vehicles, all with a 24/7 rental pick-up and return policy.

A 700 m² / 7,500 sq.ft. studio located on the Munich premises benefits from great transportation connections. Features include a ceiling height of 12m/40ft, motorised green and blue screens, three motorised rigs for loads of up to two tons each, a 7x14m (24x46ft) ceiling reflector, a cyclorama covering two walls (24x29x11m / 79x95x36ft), production offices, an industry-standard kitchen and parking lot.

"Like many in our industry, we are currently 100% available for our customers - our studio is also currently being booked and used - our cleaning service has appropriate hygiene training and can, therefore, meet all requirements. Nevertheless, it is of course up to the tenant to carry this out and the meet requirements in each case. But we are prepared!"