In the heart of Berlin, you can rent a 330 m2 south-facing studio space, directly above a fully equipped film and photo rental house.

1st Floor Studio offers everything you need - just a flight of stairs away of our rental HQ and has a freight elevator, two separate 63A/400V lines, free Wi-Fi, a wireless sound system including Spotify account, as well as industry-grade kitchen appliances.

The 6 x 4 x 3,8m infinity curve is built on wheels, so you can customise your perfect studio space or even follow the sunlight during the day.

In the lofty, bright space, perfect for a wide range of productions, the team is always on site during your stay to help with any needs your production calls for.

To contact 1st Floor Studios, you can call +49 30 26 39 145 500 or send them an email.