openbcn studios is a rental photo studio with two different locations: Perill and Volart.

Perill is an old metallurgical industrial warehouse converted into a premium daylight rental photo studio in the heart of the city. A space designed to be dynamic and adaptable to any of your needs: photo, video, events and more: 250 square meters with a 9 x 5m cyclorama with a minimum height of four meters. It also offers different textured walls that allow you to shoot as you are in a location.

Volart is more than a conventional photo studio; it has two studios with natural light: Studio M and Studio S.

Studio M is a 130 square meters space with natural light and a private terrace and office, plus different areas to make your production easier. It includes a cyclorama of 6m long x 4.5m width x 3.5m height, and four compact flashes and different modifiers so you can just come and shoot.

Studio S is a 60 square meter studio with a cyclorama 4.5m long x 4.5m width x 4m height. It is a concrete decorated space with four compact flashes included.

"We are partners with all major rental equipment houses in Barcelona to provide you with all the gear you may need for your production, we can also help you out with other services, just ask us.

Check out our website for more info, we’ll love to help you."