Welcome to openbcn studios, a premium photography studio in Barcelona's vibrant heart. Nestled in a neighborhood with hotels, hostels, and restaurants, the studio offers seamless production with convenience at every corner.  

Benefit from abundant natural light flooding through strategically placed skylights, creating consistent lighting for photoshoots, videos, interviews, and events. The nine-meter cyclo wall allows for expansive creative endeavors, with a studio height ranging from four to six meters for versatile shooting angles.

Enjoy essential amenities like a private dressing room, makeup stations, hair wash basins, and a lounge area with a kitchen. The studio blends modernity with history, preserving the industrial warehouse's original features. Located on a semi-pedestrian street, it provides a tranquil setting for focused shoots.

In summary, openbcn studios offers a premium experience with its strategic location, natural lighting, spacious cyclo wall, and well-designed amenities. It's the ideal choice for fashion brands, video production companies, and corporate events. Discover a unique space where creativity meets comfort and convenience.

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