LS Productions

Edinburgh - Manchester - London

LS Productions supports your shoot needs across the UK. With production and location teams experienced in both photo and film, LS take the risk out of productions for you, no matter the set up. LS know the time pressures and the changeability, pulling together local professional, experienced teams.

LS Productions are the only UK production service company with a supportive internal locations department and location library. With over 7,000 locations (210,000+ images), it’s growing all the time. What does this mean? It means LS Productions have the ability to pitch multiple cities or landscapes at once for briefs, and re-organise important footballer, musician and celebrity shoots for new cities without starting from scratch, reacting to availability.

“We believe in unlocking the UK’s potential for photo and film.”

Get in touch with the LS Productions team to discover how they can bring your shoot to life.

Recent clients include Bellhouse Markes, BMW, Burberry, Carnage, EA, Ford, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, H&M, Stella McCartney, Somesuch, TP Films and Vogue.