Rotterdam - Amsterdam: hotelrebel

HOTELREBEL is experienced in production services for photography, commercials, films and series; for both fashion and automotive as well as storytelling TV commercials. 

"When it comes to extensive location scouting, prep-production, set production, craft services, shooting permits, we know our way around in the Netherlands.

Our network enables us to offer you spectacular locations at any time, to ensure straight-on productions from any scale you like.

The Netherlands offers metropolitan city scenery like Rotterdam or Amsterdam, but also hidden nature and harbours and beaches.

Having strong connections in our network, with the local city councils, gaffers, DOP’s, assisting cam teams, grippers and stunt teams, drivers and PA’s, is key in our production process. The same goes for the high quality when it comes to available equipment.

We believe in production services fuelled by commitment and devotion.  

Feel free to contact us if you’re interested."

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