Hawai'i stands out as one of the most remarkable and diverse locations on Earth. With 11 out of the 14 global climate zones, a collection of volcanic islands at varying stages of development, and a well-established crew and equipment base, the possibilities for creative endeavors are boundless.

Beyond its renowned beaches and palm trees, Hawai'i serves as a versatile backdrop that can convincingly portray locations from around the world, even those that may not immediately come to mind when thinking of it as a tropical paradise.

For nearly two decades, Hana Productions has been at the forefront of providing exceptional location scouting, management, and full production services. Clients can find everything they need under one roof, including in-house and fully licensed and insured drone services operated by their skilled pilot using a range of aircraft options. The company boasts an outstanding crew and equipment roster, as well as a secure and reliable infrastructure that sets it apart from many other tropical destinations.

The dedicated team at Hana Productions takes immense pleasure in their work and endeavors to ensure clients have a fun-filled experience while successfully executing their creative projects on time and on budget.

Living permanently in Hawai'i, the Hana Productions team possesses an intimate knowledge of the islands, allowing them to assist clients in saving costs by avoiding many additional fees commonly charged by other production companies. It is worth noting that Hawai'i offers a generous 22-27% production tax credit for qualifying projects.