For more than ten years, Le Food Catering has been recognised as the top caterer in the South Florida region, specialising in catering for photoshoots and film productions. Their reputation is built on consistently delivering fresh, high-quality meals that are not only delicious but also promote health and nourishment.

Understanding the unique demands of each production, Le Food Catering offers customised packages designed to prioritise mobility and practicality, effectively tackling logistical challenges.

When it comes to food preparation and handling, Le Food Catering goes the extra mile, ensuring meticulous care. They also offer convenient and safe options for presenting and serving meals to your guests.

"Served buffet style or boxed, the quality of our food is always our top priority. Our clients keep on coming back because they know our catering greatly enhances the energy on set ", says chef owner Philippe Pautesta-Herder. Le Food Catering customises your menus to match your special dietary needs. Vegan, gluten free, dairy free, nuts free options are welcomed and available upon request.

“Providing freshly cooked food and punctuality are the key to keeping a customer-friendly experience," says chef owner, Philippe Pautesta-Herder. Le Food Catering is also a fully integrated solution to your eco-friendly needs. They are a 90% plastic-free green business.

For additional visuals of Le Food Catering and set ups visit the website.