ROOF is a full-service creative and production agency located in Milan, but reaching as far as there is a story to tell.

"We use production, art direction, digital and editorial content and e-commerce to help brands turn their stories into authentic and made-to-measure visions. We strive to do so by combining a distinctive creative edge with our editorial background and expertise built over the years in fashion, beauty, luxury and lifestyle industries. Driven by research and innovation, we love to work hand-in-hand with our clients, building trustworthy relationships to plan tailored solutions to their digital needs. Our production department offers a 360 service that covers talents art buying, location scouting, postproduction, rentals.

We care as well about digital and online platforms, producing beautiful and innovative images for editorial stories in collaboration with magazine and talents.

Last but not least, we also have a dedicated e-com production team to complete all our ground services and being closer to partners than producers.

Step in, ROOF is your roof."