The European Alps: Shoot in the Alps

Shoot in The Alps has been facilitating productions throughout the magnificent European Alps for over 15 years. Its extensive collection of alpine locations spans across France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Slovenia. When assessing the client's needs, budget, and logistical considerations, they consider the Alps as a unified region, disregarding borders.

From coastal panoramas to awe-inspiring peaks, their comprehensive location database covers a wide array of settings. You'll discover modern cities nestled amidst the mountains, breathtaking glaciers, enchanting mountain villages surrounded by verdant meadows, picturesque lakes adorned with charming wooden boats, dramatic rocky cliffs, snow-covered fields even in the summer, and sandy beaches just a three-hour drive away. Virtually everything you desire is easily accessible, just a short drive away.

"Our network of local producers, local scouters, production coordinators, mountain guides, helicopter pilots, drone operators live and play their working and personal life in the mountains and have developed the skills to mediate between the production needs and the ones of this challenging environment. This allows us to safely and successfully bring big fashion brands, production companies and single photographers to the most remote and beautiful spots in the Alps."

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