Munich: Dedo Weigert Film - Equipment Rental

Dedo Weigert Film is one of Europe`s leading high-speed film and video equipment providers. Camera equipment from Vision Research (Phantom high-speed camera range) with frame rates up to 2570 fps in HD resolution, plus 100% dimmable, flicker-free (DC), daylight balanced lighting equipment from LUMINYS with performance up to 100,000 Watts, and a highly experienced professional team of camera technicians provide maximum convenience for every kind of high-speed shot.

Dedo Weigert Film is also a worldwide leader in LED lighting technology. Its latest 2.0 (20W), 4.0 (40W), 9.0 (90W) and 12.0 (250W) focusing LED precision lighting instruments series has already conquered the hearts of many creative image makers - not only because of its famous light shaping qualities, but also thanks to its advanced creative options and professional LED colour characteristics that ideally fit digital film, video and photo technology.

Dedo Weigert Film is also the official distributor of many high-tech film, photo and video brands such as Kino Flo, CINEMECANIX, TECPRO, Cooke, Ronford-Baker, Tiffen and many more.

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