"Over the past five years, I have worked closely with top athletes. Gerald Michiara is the Major in charge of sports at the French Foreign Legion. He is also the European vice-champion in kickboxing and the military parkour record holder. Cyril Gane is the new star of French MMA. He won the first UFC fight night held in Paris in September 2022 in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Benjamin Macé is a former Olympic track ice skater and now works as a fitness coach in Bordeaux. Watch out for those thighs! Lucas DaSilva is a young bodybuilder, muscle enthusiast who welcomes you at R2 the crossfit box at the heart of Paris in Opera district. And last but not least, Anthony Chapert, who was formerly in the military and fought in Afghanistan. He now teaches boxing at the very exclusive gym in Paris, Le Klay.

The series were published in the magazine I created in 2017, Athletica. Issues 3, 6 and 10."