Dom Savini is a Philadelphia-based, commercial artist drawing on more than 20 years' experience in advertising, publishing, post production, broadcast and film. Starting in the field of biomechanics (the human body in motion), Dom continued to explore the human body through illustration, photography, and digital arts.

His versatile skill set and unique photo-illustrative style has allowed him to produce collaged compositions and world building for international advertising agencies and brands.

He is recognised for his extensive lighting skills, inspired by the likes of comic book illustrators to renaissance painters.

Dom enjoys the collaborative energy of working with diverse creatives and the evolutionary process that comes from it. He seeks to expand the dimensions of what photography can be and the creative possibilities that evolve from it.

Dom serves his South Philly community as a Committee Person, an unpaid, elected position, for the last six years. He believes in being proactive to build a better future for his family and neighbors.