Warsaw: Wojtek Rudzki

Wojtek Rudzki is a Warsaw-based photographer who, to put it simply, loves sports and people. His work documents the natural movement, personality and striking elegance of athletes, the inherent connection between their effort and beauty.

He relentlessly pursues the perfect moment of each run, exercise, dance or competition. In each person he is looking for a story that wants to be told during the shoot. In his experience the most effective way of reaching this goal is to have an open mind along with confidence in his models.

Wojtek has worked with football players, Olympic athletes, fitness instructors dancers and influencers. Among the companies that have trusted his instincts are T-Mobile, Nike, Aztorin, 4F, Poste Italiane, Jack Daniels and Finlandia Vodka.

In photo shoots Wojtek seeks adventure, new challenges and the opportunity to extend boundaries. But first and foremost, he enjoys meeting extraordinary people who inspire him.

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