Alex Buschor, founder of APiX, has made a name for himself on the outdoor scene, with special focus in the areas of cycling and mountaineering, in the sports industry and with promoters of sports events. His sense of scenic action sports photography, plus the fact that he is an avid mountain biker, rock climber and back-country skier makes him a valuable team player.

Even when carrying twenty pounds of camera gear, he can outclimb many a hiker in order to be ready for the next shot.

Alex′s photos can be seen in Outdoor Guide, Schweizer Familie, Schweizer Mountainbike Magazine, Ride, Bike, Mountain Bike and in many other national and international outdoor magazines.

"Our photos tell stories of architecture, of personalities, of landscapes. They can give you wings, in the truest sense of the word. Using drones, we produce photo and film shots from a bird′s-eye view. If your product is the main protagonist, we′re equipped for that as well and take product shots or pack shots in our own photo studio."