Los Angeles: Joe Scarnici

Joe Scarnici is a passionate commercial and editorial sport photographer hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Southern California.

"With a profound love for the energy and artistry of sports, I've made it my life's work to freeze those exhilarating moments that define athletic brilliance. Capturing live action is very challenging, and getting "the" shot is a feeling that keeps me chasing the next athlete. Through a meticulous blend of lighting, composition, and timing, I strive to encapsulate the spirit of the game and the determination of the competitors in every photograph.

With Southern California as my backdrop, I've had the privilege to chronicle the triumphs and struggles of athletes, conveying their stories through my lens. It's this blend of creativity and dedication that has allowed me to etch my mark in the world of sports photography, bringing the magic of the game to life one frame at a time."

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